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Calhoun Libraries Catalog
  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)How do I get a Library Card?

The Calhoun College ID Card serves as your Libary Card.  This ID card is free to students and is made available by staff in Student Services.   When you bring this card to the Brewer Library and/or the Huntsville Campus Library, Circulation staff will create a Borrower Record and place a barcode on the student ID.                       

Students will be asked to fill out a Borrower Application. 

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)How do I find items in the libraries?

Most of the Brewer Library and Huntsville Campus Library materials are included in the library catalog, found on the main Brewer Library/Huntsville Campus Library Web page. The library catalog is searchable by keyword, title, author, and subject.

The Brewer Library and Huntsville Campus Library shelves are organized by the Library of Congress classification scheme.  You may also browse the print collection for relevant materials.

The Brewer Library and Huntsville Campus Library journal and periodical print collections are not cataloged, but can be browsed alphabetically on the shelves.

You can also find online books, journals, newspapers, encyclopedias and more materials via the Library Website EBSCOhost ebooks  and Top Databases.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)How do I check out a print book

You must have a library card whether you are a student, staff or faculty.  You may check out a total of 5 items including:

  • books from the regular collection
  • books from the new or popular  collection
  • 3 reserve items
  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)Do I need to bring any documentation other than my College ID Card when I come to the Brewer Library and/or Huntsville Campus Library?

Yes, students on your first visit to the Brewer Library or Huntsville Campus Library each semester, please bring your current semester schedule of classes to confirm your enrollment status along with your College ID, or another photo ID.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)Where do I get a Student ID made?

The schedule and location for getting a Student ID made varies by campus or site. To get the latest information, go to the Calhoun Community College Web site and find Student ID Card system under Student Resources.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)Can I check books out of the Brewer Library if I take classes in Huntsville?

As long as you are a currently enrolled student at Calhoun Community College you can apply for and use your library card at the Brewer Library or Huntsville Campus Library. Your A number is required.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes) Are the Brewer Library and Huntsville Campus Library open on weekends?

No, both libraries are closed on the weekends.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)Does the library have textbooks?

Both libraries have selected textbooks, but not all textbooks, on reserve for in-library use. Check here for a list of Textbooks on Reserve.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)Can I check out books from the Library at A&M? Athens State? Drake State? UA Huntsville?

Currently enrolled students and current employees and faculty have the following access: 

Alabama A&M University…with a current Calhoun schedule, at NO CHARGE.  Students are allowed two (2) books for a period of three weeks with one renewal.

Athens State University…with a current Calhoun schedule, at NO CHARGE. Students are allowed three (3) books for a period of three weeks with two (2) renewals.

J.F. Drake State Technical College . . . with a current Calhoun schdedule, at NO CHARGE. Students and faculty are permitted up to five (5) books for a period of 3 weeks with no renewal.

UA Huntsville…with a current schedule.  Proof of current address (e.g. driver’s license and recently posted mail), and an ANNUAL CHARGE of $25.  Calhoun students are allowed to checkout three (3) books for a period of 28 days with one renewal.

Before making a trip to an area library, you may want to search their online catalog and Web sites for needed information.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)Can A&M, ASU, Drake State, and UA Huntsville students check out books at the Calhoun libraries?

A&M, ASU, Drake State and UA Huntsville students may check out six (6) books at the Brewer Library or Huntsville Campus Library for a period of three weeks with NO RENEWALS.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)Can I borrow a book located at another library?  How?

Interlibrary Loan is done only for current Calhoun employees and students:

Circulation staff at Brewer Library and the Huntsville Campus Library can request books from other libraries for you.  There may be fees (postage) and it could take several weeks for the lending library to send the items to us.

  • Limit of two interlibrary books at a time per patron
  • ILLs cannot be renewed.
  • The overdue fine for ILL books is $1.00 per day per book.
  • ILLs are not guaranteed; an owning library has the right to refuse a request.
  • When an owning library fills a request, the time it takes for us to receive the book through the mail and the loan period (i.e. due date) can vary widely depending on a particular library's location and policies.

Most of the requests we receive are filled; they usually arrive within a few weeks of the date the request is placed (often much sooner); and the loan periods tend to be reasonable and allow time for the book to be mailed back and forth.

Requests may be placed through either Calhoun Library—Decatur or Huntsville. Simply fill out an Interlibrary Loan Request Form and bring it (or email it in an attachment to to the circulation department at the library.

If there are any questions, please contact the circulation staff at 256-306-2774 (Decatur campus) or 256-890-4774 (Huntsville campus).

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)What are the fines for overdue materials?

24-hr, 3-day, 7-day reserve items:  $.50 per day/item.

Interlibrary loan:  $1 per day/item

Students are fined and placed on academic hold for lost items.  Upon the return of the item(s) or payment to the Business Office, the hold is removed and the fine is deleted.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)How do I pay a library fine?

Library fines must be paid in the business office.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)What is a "Reserve"?

A Reserve (book, CD, article, video, etc) is an item that has been set aside, or reserved, for the use of a specific group of students.   Usually the request to place an item on reserve comes from a librarian or a faculty member.  Check out privileges are extended to current Calhoun students only.

Reserve materials are held behind the Circulation desk and on special shelves in the collection.  Ask at the Circulation desk for more assistance.  Reserve Items are noted in the Library Catalog under the "Reserve Location."

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)How long can I check out Reserve items?

The instructor who placed the item on Reserve determines the length of checkout.  Check out periods vary from “In-Library Use Only” to a semester check out.  Fines for overdue items are $.50 per day, or per hour for in-library reserve, per item.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)Are there copiers available for student use at Brewer Library/Huntsville Campus Library?

There is a coin-operated copier available for use at the Brewer and Huntsville Campus Libraries.  Copies are $.10 per page.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)Can I print documents in the library?

Yes, please follow this link for instructions: Pharos Printing

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)Can I return books when the Brewer Library/Huntsville Campus Library is closed?

Books can be returned when the Brewer Library is closed via the book drop conveniently located near the street in front of the Brewer Library.  We do, however, request that you return books inside when the Brewer Library is open.

When the Huntsville Campus Library is closed and the Huntsville Campus is open, books may be returned in the blue and white book drop located in the hallway outside the Huntsville Campus Library.  When the Huntsville Campus Library is open, please return books to the inside drop located at the circulation desk.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)Can I suggest a book to be purchased by the library?

The Calhoun libraries welcome suggestions for materials that support teaching, study, and research at the College.  Requests are referred to the appropriate collection development manager.

Before submitting a suggestion, please check the Calhoun Libraries Catalog to see if the material you need is available. 

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)Does the library offer software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.?

The computers at the Brewer Library and the Huntsville Campus Library have Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word for users who have MS Office skills.  There is no lab assistant available to offer instruction. 

If you need assistance using the software, the following tutorial sites may be helpful: Microsoft Tutorials (Official Microsoft site).

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes) Is there a way I can access my library account online?

Borrowers are able to access their library account online using “My Account”.  To use this feature, access the Library Catalog. Then, click on “My Account”.  Enter the barcode number from your Library Card and then the pin.  The pin number is the last four (4) digits of the telephone number that you provided on your borrower application.  Click on “Items Out” to show all the items that you currently have checked out.  Then, check each item that you would like renewed and click the renew button.  The item will be renewed as long as it meets the criteria for renewal.  The new due date will appear next to the item. 

Exceptions for Renewals

  • Popular books may not be renewed. 
  • If your record has been placed on Academic Hold, you will not be permitted to renew books until the delinquency is settled. 
  • Books may only be renewed one time online via "My Account."

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)What does an Academic Library Hold mean?

An Academic Library Hold means that your borrowing privileges have been revoked.  Also, you will not be able to register for classes or receive your transcripts.  If you have a Library Hold, please contact the Brewer Library circulation desk at 256-306-2774 or the Huntsville Campus Library circulation desk at 256-890-4774 for specific details relating to your record.

  libbulletc.GIF (293 bytes)Can I place a request on a book from home?

Yes, look up the book in the Library catalog. Click the “Request Item” button. You will be prompted to log into “My Account.”  Enter the barcode number from your Library Card and then the pin.  The pin number is the last four (4) digits of the telephone number that you provided on your borrower application.  After you log in, you will be directed to a “request confirmation” page.  Click the Request button at the bottom.  The message at the top of the screen will say “Your request has been successfully placed.”  You will be notified  when the book becomes available for you to pick up. 


 Last Updated: February 28, 2024