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Brewer Library located on the Decatur campus of Calhoun Community College houses the largest collection of Delmore Brothers memorabilia in Alabama. In fact, this collection is the most comprehensive outside The Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee. The Delmore Room at Calhoun contains artifacts including awards, family photographs, and original recordings of the music that made this duo the most popular act on The Grand Ole Opry in the 1930s.

The Delmore family donated these materials to Calhoun because of the College’s dedication to preserving the heritage created in North Alabama by two of the nation’s most talented musical pioneers, Alton and Rabon Delmore.

One of their biggest admirers, Bob Dylan, said, “The Delmore Brothers, God, I really loved them! I think they've influenced every harmony I've ever tried to sing." Perhaps their career is best summed up, however, by one of their contemporary musicians: “They brought it with them when they came, and they took it with them when they left.”

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